I’m still here

    Buongiorno! It’s been a while since my last update. I read your blogs more than I write in my blog. It’s an addict, you know. Checking what’s going on here and there. Last month, I was craving for the cold weather and here it is. A freezing weather that enter inside the bones, even when I’m wearing the entire closet and looking like I’m 20 pounds fatter! It’s better to make yourself warm than walking outside like a robot, I noticed people walking in a strange way because of the cold weather and I’m one of them. When I’m outside, especially in the morning, all what I do is looking for the sun and enjoy its heat. It makes me want to hug her! And when I’m inside, I imagine that we’re bears lying inside a cave, hibernating and being lazy to do anything else, except that I’m hooked with “Gilmore girls” serious. I’m watching three full seasons! And currently I’m trying to complete the unread books that were on the bookshelf for months.  By the way, I was checking iTunes and I found and downloaded some episodes in how to learn Italian in podcast. It’s cool! Some people were wondering what the podcast means. So, here it is:

 “ A podcast is a collection of digital media files which is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on potable media players and personal computers. The term, like ‘radio’. Can refer either to the content itself or to the method by which it is syndicated; the latter is also termed podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster.” By wikipedia 


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Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh, originally uploaded by pinkyia™.

Where I’ve been during the Eid =)

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Hoo hoo hoo

  Winter has come officially. The heat  is dropping down dramatically. When I think of winter, it comes to my mind hot chocolate, barbeques, grilled marshmallows, camps, cute scarves, melted flake, umbrella ela ela eh eh eh:P, hoodies and everything cozy. It usually relates to the end of the year where our hopes, dreams and lists get renewed for the New Year.


    Hobbies are called to the things we do in our leisure time. I was asking some people about their hobbies and I really was surprised to see that they’ve considered sleeping as a hobby. Human naturally sleeps and over sleeping is a disease and not a hobby. Or you have a talent in over sleeping? Is it a lack of activities which worth calling them hobbies? I always considered sleeping as a wasting thing to do but it’s a must in order to relax. Life is full of surprises. Writing down your hobbies in a paper and keeping it makes you remember what you used or liked to do in your free time because you don’t know what life is hiding for you. You can’t change the past but you can better your future. Regretting the time you wasted on nothing won’t help but looking for your forte is your key to a fabulous future. Also, desire creates the power as Raymond Holliwell said.







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My Cupcakes <3

Cupcakes , originally uploaded by pinkyia™.

I found a new obsession called baking cupcakes =)

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Behind the scenes

The second of November is the Arabian leader’s day “yom al-morsheda al-3arabiya”. I’m not a leader and never was, but being a leader for one day was the plan to join the crowd. So, the celebration was held at the entertainment city. Waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning was the hardest part. Especially that it’s Friday.
Here are some scenes about what was going on there…
•We were standing near the entrance door to be gathered, when some girls wearing scarves took off their scarves! We were like @@ duh! Definitely that shows they’re forced to wear it and not convinced about the scarf. We rarely see such things, especially in Kuwait. A country that doesn’t force women to wear a scarf and women only wear it if they’re convinced about it.
• Some girls from our group told me not to miss seeing what was happening in the restroom so under the impact of the curiosity hormone, we went there and there were the freakish things I’ve ever seen, a girl who was wearing a scarf and a long sleeve top, took off her clothes and wore a short Capri with a short top. There were about thirty girls inside the restroom, twenty of them were standing in front of the mirror, puffing their hairs and wearing a creepy make- up. The rest of them were changing their clothes and god knows what was happening there.
•A girl told the girl who took off her scarf that the place was reserved for girls but the workers are still men. And she was like:” do you consider these workers as men?” !!
•There wasn’t any evidence or celebration that shows it’s an event! Just girls from all over Kuwait cities. We took a language lesson from the girls who came from the tenth area.
•We got sick of seeing that much of lesbians there. Playing the part as guys and walking with their ladies as couples. Eww!
•At the end of the day, after seeing these things, we felt that we’re angels.lol . Of course not all Kuwaiti girls are like that, but we can’t deny the large number of these abnormal people here.

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Why I like this eid?


My birthday cake ^^

A DVD to be watched during eid vacation

•It’s a great opportunity to meet all my family and discover new members’ babies and newborns’.
•“Eideya” which’s a tradition in the gulf. As I always say:” gergaiaan is like the Arabic version of Halloween and eideya is like the presents in Christmas except that people give money instead of presents for children and youths. In our family. It has a special taste. Every eid at grandpa’s Arabic old house, The family members stand in groups according to their ages and the bigger members of the family distribute the money on them. It’s part of the fun in eid.
•Exams are knocking the doors and this means no fun, lots of pressure and lack of free time. So, this eid is a must to cheer me up.
•Shall I mention again that today is my birthday? I added up a year in my age account, but still feeling so young! But I like it this way.

P.S: Big thanks for all of you who sent me a message, called me, gave me a present, sent me an e-card, sang for me, played a drums on the phone-you know yourself- 😛 or just wished me a Happy Birthday. Love you all ❤

updated:more pictures..

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My ❤ racket
What smells better than a home-made cookies?

A new idea for girls wearing scarves

They say that the most important thing about writing is a good introduction and conclusion. If you don’t know how to start that would be a problem and you might stuck in your topic. As I always do.
However, we can’t deny that Ramadan has passed pretty fast. It’s just left less than ten days for the eid and I think it’ll be the best eid ever because my birthday will be in eid 😀 a good coincidence. People are waiting for the eid and the calendars are counting down for my birthday. Isn’t October the best month eva? You’ll say what evaaa 😛
There’s nothing new happened in this Ramadan. My mind was and still out of order just like a drink machine when you put a coin in it and then you’re finding out there’s a tiny lil paper stuck on it with ‘out of order’ evil words!
Out of the subject, if there was :s
He’s rich. She’s poor
She’s smart. He’s fool
It’s not a poem but looking at the magnets next to me made me notice that there’re a lot of couples having different characteristics and they’re still having a relation with each other and lots of them have been married and lived happily ever after. I know that couples should have something in common in order to live with each other but that opposite thing must be found just like two pieces of magnets that can’t attract with each other unless they’re opposite. After all, I think it’s the balance of life!

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