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Behind the scenes

The second of November is the Arabian leader’s day “yom al-morsheda al-3arabiya”. I’m not a leader and never was, but being a leader for one day was the plan to join the crowd. So, the celebration was held at the … Continue reading

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Why I like this eid?

My birthday cake ^^ ❤ A DVD to be watched during eid vacation •It’s a great opportunity to meet all my family and discover new members’ babies and newborns’. •“Eideya” which’s a tradition in the gulf. As I always say:” … Continue reading

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I thought today was Friday and laters I figured out it is Saturday :$ since they’ve changed the weekend day and my mind can’t recognize the days. I’ll get used to it soon. My last week was full of parties..weddings … Continue reading

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Jasmine green tea *Simple is the newest word for elegant. I’ve been following that rule for ages and due to the summer fashion. It’s really hot to think about layering your clothes though I’ve seen a lot of people doing … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I was thinking of the last time I took pictures of the sunset and it was like a year. Back in Vail, dad and I were on the mountain, waiting for the sun to set and we took pretty … Continue reading

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A cinderella shoe

It belongs to my mother’s grand grand mother I’ve seen similar shoe shown at Kuwait National museum. more details simpley…it’s antique!

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The mission is accomplished

While I was in my pink cottage, people died, babies were born. Some people threw wedding parties, others went to funerals. Weather has been changed to a very hot and dusty air. You know the feeling if you’re out of … Continue reading

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