Roro is Back

On 15th of February 2008, I wrote my last post. It is really a long period of time. I lost my enthusiasm in writing due to my studies, but now I think it is a good time to start over. I enjoy writing what is in my mind. It feels that your mind is fresh and clear. A year has just passed with nothing in my blog, but I achieved lots of thing; First, my graduation from high school and entering the college. It was a big step in my life, and thanks god I am satisfied with my choice. I made lots of things and it does not matter now. Future is what we should always look for.; A brilliant future that comes with our right decisions. I used to observe things around me, such as looking at how people behave and think. I did that and I am doing it till now, while analyzing their attitude to absorb what is the best for me. Creating your own personality is important and fun at the same time. I realized many things and many ways on how to deal with people, how to control oneself and when to put a limit. Also, when I see and talk to a person for the first time, I can know from which category he or she belongs to; then, how to deal and talk with them. At the end, all what I can say is that Life Is a Journal =)

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