*I’ve just come from” becoming Jane” the movie. It talks about the story life of an author “Jane Austen”, I liked it. It’s that kind of movies that inspires me. By the end of the movie, all what I wanted was a paper and a pen. Although, I had no idea on what I was going to write about!


* No one deny that Inspiration leads to creativity. But, you really should know what inspires you!


* I completely believe that by believing in yourself, you can reach your dreams and goals. That means that the word “difficulties” should be erased in your mind.


*”The expected is what we live for. The unexpected is what changes our lives.” I admired that quote, but the days are showing me that it’s totally true.


The Goddess Guide

P.S: if you’re wondering what’s the relation between the words and the pictures. Well, I have no idea! Lol. Just felt like posting my pictures

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9 Responses to Random

  1. chikapappi says:

    oh myyy I love Pink and the pics are amazzzzzing! mashallah! Especially that pony awwww

  2. pinkyia says:

    chikapappi: Thanx =)

  3. sHmma says:

    Ya 3ainee 3la iL PIcs Ya laaaaile 3laich ;P

    Nice keep it up

  4. elvinado says:

    Its been a while since your last post…I think the relation of all the picture were all of them contain possible animal such as mouse, duck, pony,butterfly(not animal), goose…mmmm not really random…

  5. pinkyia says:

    sHmma: Thank u ;P

    elvinado: Random is supposing the post itself not the pictures. Anyways, thanks for passing by

  6. pinkyia says:

    Thanks Big Pearls! 🙂

  7. BloBoz says:


  8. AD_Queen says:

    omg the 1st pic is sooooo cute love all the pics sisi

    loove u 2


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