Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh, originally uploaded by pinkyia™.

Where I’ve been during the Eid =)

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9 Responses to Sharm El-Sheikh

  1. Wer3Y says:

    Welcome Back, Hope u had fun! 😉

  2. HaaMooR says:

    Waanaassaa… hope you enjoyed it inshallaaa .. &emdellaah 3alaa elsalaamaah

  3. Suzzable says:

    wow! nice view.. hope u had so much fun 🙂

  4. kaileena says:

    It looks sooo relaxxxiiiiing

  5. 3baid says:

    Hope you had fun 🙂

  6. nono says:

    Girl, I saw a new header.. =)

  7. pinkyia says:

    Thanks all for passing by and comment. I had a pleasant time there 🙂
    nono: what do u think? =)

  8. nono says:

    Hmm.. Probably, it describes you. =)

    I believe that, whenever we choose something especially things for ourselves, it has to do with ourselves itself. Haih~ Blah blah blah… *sick*

    Hahah… So hard to find the suitable words to tell you what I have on my mind right now. I hope you get it.. ehhehe.

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