Hoo hoo hoo

  Winter has come officially. The heat  is dropping down dramatically. When I think of winter, it comes to my mind hot chocolate, barbeques, grilled marshmallows, camps, cute scarves, melted flake, umbrella ela ela eh eh eh:P, hoodies and everything cozy. It usually relates to the end of the year where our hopes, dreams and lists get renewed for the New Year.


    Hobbies are called to the things we do in our leisure time. I was asking some people about their hobbies and I really was surprised to see that they’ve considered sleeping as a hobby. Human naturally sleeps and over sleeping is a disease and not a hobby. Or you have a talent in over sleeping? Is it a lack of activities which worth calling them hobbies? I always considered sleeping as a wasting thing to do but it’s a must in order to relax. Life is full of surprises. Writing down your hobbies in a paper and keeping it makes you remember what you used or liked to do in your free time because you don’t know what life is hiding for you. You can’t change the past but you can better your future. Regretting the time you wasted on nothing won’t help but looking for your forte is your key to a fabulous future. Also, desire creates the power as Raymond Holliwell said.







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11 Responses to Hoo hoo hoo

  1. chikapappi says:

    yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy those marshmallows!!! Man, you just made me crave some hot chocolate with those :/

    I am a Summer person :/ Winter is mostly sleep & eat to me

  2. khawla says:

    do u know it’s ture that i like winter sooo much and i like your topic verrrrrrrry much 🙂

  3. Ra7aLaH says:

    marshmallow yshaweeeeeeeeeeeeg

  4. BloBoz says:

    Well. What are your hobbies? + laish el text pink! 3yoany 6la3at 3alah ma 5ala9t grayah.

    P.S I like your dog, bazawjah my sheep!!

  5. pinkyia says:

    Bloboz: I like it this way. You can wear sunglasses 0_o updated: changed the colour 😛
    + about my hobbies..let’s see
    reading, writting( even if not here), biking (I ❤ my bike), photography, something I’m gonna perform on a stage :P, modeling, making bags, decorating, tennis, can I call traveling as a hobby? It’s my biggest interest…etc
    I’d like to know your hobbies 😉
    p.s a dog+ sheep = ? shno eyebon :S

  6. MrmoOora says:

    woooooooow nice toipc welcome back pinkya ;p

    winter winter winter

    yeah what can we say i feel like winter is connected with sleepness

    oo elpix rw3a ;p cooooool

    poor flake ;p

    byea t.c

  7. belle says:

    cute dog

    marshmallow ewwwwwwwwwwwwww i hate them :S

  8. kaileena says:

    I love winter so much! Cloudy days are so calming and the rain is truely invigorating!
    It reminds me of colorful warm socks and Beethoven’s 9th symphony (adri mala sh’3l! 00; )

    meh not everyone thinks the way you do (the way we do,for that matter)..they think that life goes on no matter what you do and they don’t acknowledge the “wasting your life” concept! Allah ya36eena shwaya mn boroodhum!

  9. nono says:

    chocolate chocolate! love it.. 😛

  10. AD_Queen says:

    helloo sis ‘ve been missed walla 😦


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