Behind the scenes

The second of November is the Arabian leader’s day “yom al-morsheda al-3arabiya”. I’m not a leader and never was, but being a leader for one day was the plan to join the crowd. So, the celebration was held at the entertainment city. Waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning was the hardest part. Especially that it’s Friday.
Here are some scenes about what was going on there…
•We were standing near the entrance door to be gathered, when some girls wearing scarves took off their scarves! We were like @@ duh! Definitely that shows they’re forced to wear it and not convinced about the scarf. We rarely see such things, especially in Kuwait. A country that doesn’t force women to wear a scarf and women only wear it if they’re convinced about it.
• Some girls from our group told me not to miss seeing what was happening in the restroom so under the impact of the curiosity hormone, we went there and there were the freakish things I’ve ever seen, a girl who was wearing a scarf and a long sleeve top, took off her clothes and wore a short Capri with a short top. There were about thirty girls inside the restroom, twenty of them were standing in front of the mirror, puffing their hairs and wearing a creepy make- up. The rest of them were changing their clothes and god knows what was happening there.
•A girl told the girl who took off her scarf that the place was reserved for girls but the workers are still men. And she was like:” do you consider these workers as men?” !!
•There wasn’t any evidence or celebration that shows it’s an event! Just girls from all over Kuwait cities. We took a language lesson from the girls who came from the tenth area.
•We got sick of seeing that much of lesbians there. Playing the part as guys and walking with their ladies as couples. Eww!
•At the end of the day, after seeing these things, we felt that we’re . Of course not all Kuwaiti girls are like that, but we can’t deny the large number of these abnormal people here.

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8 Responses to Behind the scenes

  1. MrmoOora says:


    u didnt missed a part

    but im still on the influence of shockness !!

    on which plannet we r living ?! 4 heaven sake !!

    & dont forget the gurl is smoking in the bathroom !!! she is too young !!

    it realy was a freakish as u say :S

    and we r not any anglez but pure one’s hehe

  2. OM-KESHA says:


    alla la ybleena o allahoma la shmata !! @@

  3. Suzzable says:

    Gosh, when i was reading what you wrote i felt like u were talking about the girls here in KSA (of course not all of them , but the majority of them! )
    those kind of girls are the same type I see every single day in my university..! specially the makeup and lesbo thing… it’s common !!! and i hate to say it is 😦 as well as the 7ejab thing… but i dnno i feel sorry for them,ow allah la yebleena…

  4. vip girl says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaay mn 9jhom !!
    e5trbw hal-bnaaaaaaat (madri etha ysmonhom bnat mix lol).. fshlona alla yfshlhom
    laish chthiiiiiiiiiii ..

    almohm .. enkom 6la3thaw angrl w estanstaw


  5. 3baid says:

    I would’ve stayed home if I were you :/

  6. chikaP says:

    I know that girls go wild when such events take place, like Massila, maskhara walla! :/ I think yeah – staying home like 3baid said was the best thing to do

  7. Mademoiselle says:

    At laaaaaaast an Update!! yaaay miss U sweets!

    …i dont think we should be surprised to c this but the world has changed alot.. to the worst.. girls running OVER wild.. i really didnt c that coming totally!!

  8. MrmoOora says:

    until when we will stay ! we need the entertainment :s we r human beings 😥

    we should just ignore these abnormal people as i c 🙂 hoping they be a past and stop this silliness !

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