Why I like this eid?


My birthday cake ^^

A DVD to be watched during eid vacation

•It’s a great opportunity to meet all my family and discover new members’ babies and newborns’.
•“Eideya” which’s a tradition in the gulf. As I always say:” gergaiaan is like the Arabic version of Halloween and eideya is like the presents in Christmas except that people give money instead of presents for children and youths. In our family. It has a special taste. Every eid at grandpa’s Arabic old house, The family members stand in groups according to their ages and the bigger members of the family distribute the money on them. It’s part of the fun in eid.
•Exams are knocking the doors and this means no fun, lots of pressure and lack of free time. So, this eid is a must to cheer me up.
•Shall I mention again that today is my birthday? I added up a year in my age account, but still feeling so young! But I like it this way.

P.S: Big thanks for all of you who sent me a message, called me, gave me a present, sent me an e-card, sang for me, played a drums on the phone-you know yourself- 😛 or just wished me a Happy Birthday. Love you all ❤

updated:more pictures..

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17 Responses to Why I like this eid?

  1. Om Makki says:

    Eidech MuBARAK O HapPy Birthday 😉 7da 7lwen el pics o iL first pic alwanha VERY NICE 😀

  2. mrmo0ora says:

    3eeeeeedch mbarak oo ayamch s3eeeeda baby

    oo happy birthday 2 u babe

    oo 7bibty enty tstahleen elparties oo akther b3d 🙂


    hope we’ll be 2gother best friendz 4 ever 🙂

  3. pinkyia says:

    Om Makki: ayamich sa3eeda o thanks 😉 mn tho8ich 🙂

    mrmo0ora: Thank u sweetie 🙂
    tefdach el3afya
    me to 🙂

  4. Eid Mubarak & happy Birthday

  5. pinkyia says:

    Sakib Al Mahmud: u 2 & thanks

    mahmudul:you 2

  6. AD_Queen says:

    hey gurl imbarkan 3eedech miss u soo much luuve the pics 😉


  7. pinkyia says:

    AD_Queen :you too
    Thanks! miss u 2 😉

  8. Selezya says:

    keel 3aam o0 entay bkhaaair happy happy happy birthday honey

    el 3omer kela enshalah

    o0 enshala dom like aleid

  9. pinkyia says:

    Selezya: wenti b5ayr
    Thank you sweetie ^_^

  10. 3baid says:

    3eedich embarek 😀 (I know it’s late :P)
    The cake looks really good, bil3afya :]

  11. Mademoiselle says:

    Happy Belated Birthday >.> thats late too! sorry

    I watched Breakfast at Tiffany like 7 years ago (for the 1st time) & ever since then i watch it over & over again!! one of my FAVS.. audery hebpurn is amazing!!

  12. pinkyia says:

    3baid: ayamik sa3eeda 😀
    alla y3afeek =)

    Mademoiselle: Thanks! ^_^
    The funny thing is that I thought it was a new movie, but it wasn’t bad 😉

  13. nono says:

    Salam to you and Happy Eid Mubarak!!!!!! Thank you for the visit yea. Gonna place you in my International Mumbler’s blogroll soon… 🙂

    What else, what else… Happy Birthday to you too! Be blessed! Allah blees.. Amin. Muaks!

  14. jahandost says:

    Wow, Eid Mubarak to you also.

  15. enory says:

    happy eid & birthday! 😀 😀 the cake is so purrrdy!

  16. Pics are sooooooooooooo clear and beautiful mashaala …. love ur update..

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