I thought today was Friday and laters I figured out it is Saturday :$ since they’ve changed the weekend day and my mind can’t recognize the days. I’ll get used to it soon. My last week was full of parties..weddings bla bla bla….so, as a result my room looks like it’s been hit by a tornado!
Schools, unis, and Ramadan are all coming really soon. The supermarkets will be so crowded. I went there a few days ago at 12 in the midnight and there were kids buying stationeries for the school! Yeah. It won’t be empty at all.
Pink = for girls!!
While I was in the supermarket, I saw a young boy taking a chewing gum in a watermelon flavour. The packet was in pink so, his friend said to him: This is for girls!!! And the young boy returned the packet disappointedly. *lol*
I read an article in a magazine about ‘why the girls write their diaries’. I think it’s a great way as a referenced. Loosing your memory for an example, it won’t be enough to hear your story life from your family and friends, there must be at least a secret you kept it to yourself, though I stopped writing recently.
Sometimes, I wish our brains could write our thoughts immediately without opening a notebook or a laptop because when I do so, they fly away. The best time to write a book is when you want to sleep or trying to.
When your birthday comes, that doesn’t mean you are being wiser than last year. You’ve just added another year to your age and still there’s a kid inside you who wants to be entertained from time to time. So, don’t judge the adults who behave sometimes childishly. You will be/are acting this too without noticing.
“Your life is made up of a million tiny steps. So put one foot forward and go.” unknown author
Have a pleasant weekend!

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  1. G-edition says:

    Heyooy Pinkyia , this post’s so sponteneous , and ya I enjoyed it and i got to admitt it loudly that i do like your writings , so(^_^) keep it up . And willing to check more posts , last but not least i hope you the luck ,GAl 😉

  2. chikapappi says:

    Hey Pinky, WOW the blog is full of pics 🙂 Me likeeeyyy!

    Why do we girls write… hmmm… I dunno because our talking exceeds normal & we need to vent out – besides the confedentiality issues 🙂 & yes, growing old doesn’ mean being wise

  3. pinkyia says:

    G-edition: Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate your commendation

    chikapappi: I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 … I like your blog too and you’re right about what you said 😉

  4. "GreY" says:

    I used to write diary .. all the nasty stuff … top secret and sh#t… My sister was having a hell of a time reading them behind my back.. had to burn it …

    So when is the Birthday ?

  5. pinkyia says:

    GreY: What a sad ending to your diary!
    I talked about the b-days in general =)

  6. Blue Dress says:

    Diary/ blogs are indeed a vital thing to have not only incase of memroy lose but to check it every year or so to see how your metality shifts and your taste changes ITS AMAZING!

    and i think there will always be a child in all of us, though some of us are good in hiding them and some just simply dont care…

    oh an remember tomorrow is a tuesday ;p

  7. pinkyia says:

    Blue Dress: Yes, It’s fun to see your improvements during the year from your blog or diary =) …and about the Tuesday. It’s just another day ;P nah

  8. DxBroSe says:

    Intresting thoughts =) Mabrook 3alech Elsahr!

  9. pinkyia says:

    DxBroSe: Thanx =) 3layna w 3laich

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