A day with Number Seven!

*I opened my e-mail inbox and found seven messages.
*I opened my FlickrMail and there were also seven messages.
*I changed my clothes at home seven times! I counted them. Really
*There were seven persons sitting around the place at grandma house while we were making samboosa for Ramadan!
Well, I was thinking of posting about samboosa *lol* but it’s so easy and I think everyone knows how to make it.
Splaying the rectangle dough vertically and following these simple steps.
Fill (we use cheddar cheese but you can fill it with vegetables or whatever you want)
And Stick (the magic glue is made of white flour and water)
This pic is dedicated to Bloboz 😉

*I’m looking forward to seeing Freej which will be shown in Ramadan on sama dubai. There’s a second season for this funny cartoon. I bet it’ll be better than all those dramatic local serials.

BTW, Forever 21 store has just opened (the ground level) at the avenues mall and it sucks! I used to like it but not after seeing this one =S

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21 Responses to A day with Number Seven!

  1. shayouma says:

    that’s good because 7 is a lucky number..

  2. rieaane says:

    My lucky number is 7 too, cool blog!

  3. MaXiE says:

    aham shay il minnie mouse loooool

  4. pinkyia says:

    shayouma: I’m happy to hear that =)

    rieaane: Thank you!

    MaXiE: It’s my offecial signature now 😛

  5. shayouma says:

    Well lol don’t laugh but I am a big fan of Harry Potter, 7 is a lucky number in those books!

  6. pinkyia says:

    shayouma: Aha =) now, I understand why it’s a lucky number 😛

  7. MrmoOora says:

    number 7 is my lucky number

    i always pick up this number

    and we didnt do any sambosa 4 ramadan :s

    thanx 4 the post

    keep up the good work… chaw

  8. pinkyia says:

    Mrmo0ora: u r welcome =) when r u gonna do it? =P

  9. MrmoOora says:

    we dont do it

    we order it hehe from a womn who is do it hehehe

    i know we r v.lazy looooooool

  10. pinkyia says:

    Mrmo0ora: I see 🙂 …It’s been a traditional in our family. Every year be4 Ramadan starts, we gather at grandma house and make these stuffs =) It’s fun! lol

  11. MrmoOora says:

    looooooooooooool i know hehe

  12. enory says:

    oooh seven is my lucky number akeed something lucky will happen to you then LoL! Forever 21 is a nice store bas sometimes they dont get nice things so you have to wait for newer collections =) anyways, im excited for Freej too!! o mabrook 3laich elshahar mo8adaman ^_~

  13. pinkyia says:

    enory: 3layna o 3laich :D..well, I’m waiting to see their winter collection :/ hope it’ll be better. ow inshalla something good happens to me 🙂

  14. Pearls says:

    forever 21 7ada it sucks!!!!

    and the samboosaz look yummy ;p

  15. om makki says:

    Allaaaaaaaaaah Sambosaaak yaa gadaa3 , aham shaay elly 6al3 mnha al jeben e7m ana msawet.haa 😉

  16. pinkyia says:

    Pearls: Yeah. It does :/ though I liked the store in the states. Thanx for the compliment 😉

    om makki: ee akeed =P

  17. G-edition says:

    Hey ,I loved the post it was so cool specially the Sambosa’s recipy,- which none knows how to make it :P:- esp. We (el’63af) + in ramadan feast , duh lol

  18. pinkyia says:

    G-edition: Thanks! lol

  19. BloBoz says:

    Eg3ad, Samobosa 7agy..

  20. pinkyia says:

    BloBoz: etha ywa9il ARAMEX.. 😛

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