Jasmine green tea

*Simple is the newest word for elegant. I’ve been following that rule for ages and due to the summer fashion. It’s really hot to think about layering your clothes though I’ve seen a lot of people doing that in order to look like a fashionistas. but it ends up looking like you’ve been trying so hard for that look. Before winter starts, I begin missing it so much. I’m a winter person and I think it’s unfair that the winter here lasts for almost three months or two. Maybe I’ll end up like my cousin who had worn a wool tunic in the middle of the summer because she was craving winter clothes. Imagine that! Especially that we’re in a country which the temperature rises up to 50 Celsius.
*Finally, I organized my sleeping habit. After being a bat, awake when the suns sets and sleep when it’s rises. It took me two days without sleeping in order to do that. It was like a day has been missed in my life when your bodies awake and barely you open your eyes. Then, you start throwing line and line.5ay6 ow 5ay6
*Why do they call the ladybird “Om-3li”? Really, I’ve been wondering since I was a child =P
*If you like to eat pizza,then I recommend you to try lorenzino’s pizza at the avenues. It’s one of my favorites now 🙂
*obviously, this post is completely pointless.

Click here

Hilary Duff- With Love

Click here

Bob Sinclair- Sound Of Freedom

Click here
Nelly Furtado- Say it right

Click here
Sean Kingston- Beautiful Girls

enjoy~ 😉

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10 Responses to Blabber

  1. G-edition says:

    Hey pinkiya , the topic is really cool and I loved the posted comments at the end of it though they weren’t needed lol ^^ and basically , I loved the whole blog , keep it up .

  2. pinkyia says:

    G-edition: Thanx 4 passing by fwend:P and i’m glad u liked it though it’s silly =)

  3. "GreY" says:

    Craving for winter cloths in summer ? thats kinda new to me ! but anyways by next month they will start displaying winter cloths …..kinda early but ….

  4. pinkyia says:

    “GreY”: that’s me *lol* .they’ve already displayed winter clothes

  5. MrmoOora says:

    looooooool me 2 ( wondering about om 3li ! )

    oo ill try the pizza hehehe

    keep the good work gurl


  6. pinkyia says:

    Mrmo0ora: lol..I wanna know =D
    thanx 4 passing by

  7. om makki says:

    ya slaaam 3aleech walla ;p
    very very very very very Nice 😀
    i like the pizza too
    o el songs elly 7a6t.hom Gr8
    ela al a3laaaaaa ^ up up

  8. BloBOz says:

    Papa Johns we eg6a3..
    El so2al mo laish om ali emsmenha chethee.. el so2al ehwa meno emsamy el Pillow “Ma5adah”?

  9. pinkyia says:

    om makki: thanx gal 😀

    BloBOz: lol..lazim asawy ba7th 3n elma5ada ow if i found the answer,i’d write a post about it:P

  10. pinkyia says:

    BloBOz: guess what? 0_o there’s a site named ma5ada
    http://مخدة.com lol
    ow i think m5adda mn 5amad ow that’s an arabic word which’s available in every arabic dictionary

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