Yesterday, I was thinking of the last time I took pictures of the sunset and it was like a year. Back in Vail, dad and I were on the mountain, waiting for the sun to set and we took pretty good pictures. So, I thought it’ll be fun taking pictures of the sunrise. I took my digital camera and went to our roof. I was expecting a very hot weather but it was really refreshing. As I was on the roof, I couldn’t find a spot to take the picture, so I used the stairs on the roof for a better view. I couldn’t take any picture, only what I could see were roofs. So, I returned to my room, looked for the pictures I’ve gotten in Vail. Somehow, I couldn’t find them on the computer so I took them out of my album and here they are.

my album collection

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6 Responses to Sunset

  1. narziss says:

    stunningly beautiful pictures!

  2. .Noq6a says:

    WoooooooooooooW Pics 7dhom 3jeeeben !!! keep it up Sis

  3. pinkyia says:

    .Noq6a: Thank u sis

  4. "GreY" says:

    Sorry !I didn’t notice .. amazing !

  5. pinkyia says:

    “GreY”: Thanx 🙂

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