On our second week, we were in shanghai. It was two hours from HK to Shanghai. You know they eat everything. So, imagine this food on the plane! Where there are no windows to let the smell disappear.
When we reached our destination and walked in their air-port, I saw someone holding his mobile phone in front of my face and others looked at us weirdly. ARE WE ALIENS? I asked.
The skyscrapers were wonderful and they’re everywhere. This area is developed but Hong Kong’s underground was better than Shanghai’s. We went to a scientific museum of Shanghai and while we were there a man came toward us and asked to take a picture for all of us. We refused that but it turned he’s the only polite man! Because he asked and didn’t take the picture without our permission like everyone did. Now, I know exactly how celebrities be annoyed by the paparazzi. It’s unbelievable that hundreds of cameras chasing me while I’m walking, sitting and even when I’m out of mood to take pictures. My sister had a brainwave that we take photos of those who take pictures of us. We caught some of them in their seen criminality. That idea didn’t work so much in spite of the fact that there were too many of them and we couldn’t take pictures for all of them though we had fun doing that. When we were in a shop, they were staring at us. We asked them:” what are you looking at?” their answer was:” you don’t have Chinese eyes” that make a sense. Now, we know what is the staring about. WE HAVE EYES! Most of them don’t know English language which made a problem in communicating with them in restaurants, malls and everywhere. Even the shoe size we put it in their calculator to make them understand! Someone asked me: “where are you from?” If I said I’m from mars he’d believe. Really. Though I don’t look like an alien. Everywhere you walk in Shanghai a street-sellers come to you with a catalogue in their hands and say: “shoeeeeez, bageeeez, sungalaas, watcheeez, DWD” they’re selling fake stuffs.

Shanghai old town





He’s making my name in chinese letters *u*

Yuauan garden



Their temple>>check out the loreal ads. It’s not in a proper place





It’s oil!

Having a dinner in the 46th 56th floor

Can’t you read? It’s papa jones pizza ;p

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10 Responses to Shanghai

  1. .Noq6a says:

    Thaaaanks Pinkyia the pictures is Amazing , keep it up

  2. pinkyia says:

    .Noq6a: u r welcome

  3. MrmoOora says:

    omg it soundz exciting , and btw they have a wonderful nature ;p

  4. pinkyia says:

    Mrmo0ora: It’s only the garden. Actually, I didn’t c a wonderful nature :/

  5. dreeamy says:

    heya .. my company have arranged for a trip to China in the beginning of July and I cudnt make it with them due to my cousin wedding .. I was told it was hot ~__~ ur photos teased me enough & made me regret not going Waaaa … I wud luv to go to HK ..

  6. DxBroSe says:

    Lovely shots!! I’d love to go to Shanghai now!

  7. Pearly says:

    wow cool pics…i really wanna go there.
    we might go this summer but to a different city !

  8. NooNy says:

    wooooow thier city is amazing

    and the pics is really cool

  9. pinkyia says:

    dreeamy: Hard Luck!

    DxBrose: glad u like them

    Pearly: prepare for the cameras and don’t forget to say cheeeeese 😀

    NooNy: thanks 🙂

  10. princesscinderella says:

    Wow beautiful pictures!!! mashallah!

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