Hong Kong

Nihaw everyone,,
I’m going to divide my trip into three entries. I spent three wonderful weeks in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Samui Island.
Our first week was in Hong Kong. While I was in the plane, I saw a passenger holding his handbag. What made me laugh that he didn’t put his address on it and instead put his portrait! So, if the bag gets lost, they will search for the person by his portrait. The weather in HK was hot and humid. If you want to go to any place there, you can use the underground trains. It’s so extensive and organized. There’s another world underground, thousands of people or even a million walk there everyday. Also, shops, starbucks and bakeries were down there. On our first day in HK, we went to the Ocean Park. It’s on the mountain, so the escalators were so long to reach up the park. It looked like the sea world in the US. We had fun there, though the weather was so hot.
On the second day, we went shopping. My eyes were rolling .I couldn’t choose anything from a shop which had thousands of shoes and bags. I said to myself that I should get used to these amounts of things. In spite of the fact that there were too many people and it’s compliance for there needs and desires. We faced a difficulty in communicating with them. Most of them don’t speak English language. So, we used our hands to make them understand. It’s funny.
The other day, we went to Disney Land Hong Kong by the underground train. But their train was special for Disney Land. The windows and the holders were on Mickey Mouse form. We had so much fun there. While we were there, a girl came towards us and asked us to take a picture with her. My lil sis took the picture with her. You know we are celebrities *lol* Then I noticed a camera directed on me. What’s wrong?? I spent the day with flashes which came from everywhere!



















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7 Responses to Hong Kong

  1. Zahra says:

    Wow! Beautiful images! Shawagteeni! I want to go there now! Did you find the language barrier difficult? I don’t know if I’d be able to communicate using my hands only. I feel no one would understand me! Haha! I hope you enjoyed the shopping there!

  2. MrmoOora says:

    *omg* it’s soundzz fun , i really want to go there.. ofcourse after millions yearzz hehehe 🙂 & nice picturezz u r soooo Photographer hehehe 😀

  3. MrmoOora says:

    oh i totally forgot : welcome back home sweety 🙂

  4. pinkyia says:

    Zahra: I wonder what is their second language?

    Mrm0ora: thanxx:)

  5. . says:

    I really Enjoyed it , thanks sis for the pictures 😉

  6. pinkyia says:

    . : you are welcome 🙂

  7. mcfly_girl says:

    NICE PIC. ^_^

    O0O IN FUTER RA7 Y9EIR BUS EL_SCHOOL LIKE THIS ميكي ماوي او من هاذي اشغلات :p

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