I’m back

unpacking, originally uploaded by pinkyia™.

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6 Responses to I’m back

  1. Ghizlan says:

    Heeey Sis,
    7mdella 3la el.slama , eshtgnalich yal ‘3alya o i hope enich tktben eb eslobch el.ra2i3 3n el.countries elly r7teehom etha ma 3ndich mani3 o enshalla estansty

  2. "GreY' says:

    How was the ‘Chinese food “? ANything you bought thats not made in china ?…

    Welcome Back 😛

  3. pinkyia says:

    Ghizlan: alla yslmich. i’m planning to post after i prepare the pictures.

    GreY: 20 days i only ate pizza 😛 i don’t like chinese food. I’ll check the labels for you and thanx

  4. Ra-1 says:

    I thought I am the only one who goes to China :p
    Was it just for vacation?
    Which cities did u go to?

  5. pinkyia says:

    Ra-1: yes, it was just for vacation. I Went to Shanghai in china, Hong Kong be4 china & my last destination was in Koh samui in Thailand 🙂

  6. Love that photo. I have a fetish for packing and unpacking. Hahaha ^_^

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