The mission is accomplished

While I was in my pink cottage, people died, babies were born. Some people threw wedding parties, others went to funerals. Weather has been changed to a very hot and dusty air. You know the feeling if you’re out of communication. Not because they’re unavailable but because there wasn’t time! Lack of time yes, we can say that. Now, I’m here after the finals. My life has been stopped for a month and my daily routine was eating, studying and even not having enough rest. However, I hope that the results will be good enough to make me stop complaining.
I found a piece of paper between my messes which I wrote time ago and it says:
Only in Q8
* We play the fireworks all the year and whenever we want without any reason or even occasion.
*We do whatever we want and every one got his own rules.
*We sleep at mornings and wake up at nights especially in vacations.
*You can’t see the street empty. You must see someone at least awake.
*Hanging out goes sweeter when it time for exams 😛
I’m in an official holiday, so I decided to complete the “Pink-Roro” project which about designing bags.

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6 Responses to The mission is accomplished

  1. HappyWolf says:

    Yey ! vacation atlast yey ! Condolences , congratulations for the people and make the best of the weather ….

    Is that a Pink roro bag ?

  2. vip girl says:

    slam 3leekom
    gr8 Blog oo hope you gr8 holiday
    vip girl

  3. MrmoOora says:

    ohh my god , i cant believe it @@ , we acctioly finished the examz … we r in a holidaaaaaaaaaaay i feel like im in a dream 😀
    i feel good trarara i knew that i would trarara :p
    and cool bag ,you can start ur own bag brand or ur own fashion ;p

  4. pinkyia says:

    Happy Wolf: thanxx and yes the bag is from the collection
    Vip girl: w 3laikom essalam.thanx dear
    Mrmo0ora: oh yeah. i feel nice…sugar n spice ;p i think i will 🙂

  5. AD_Queen says:

    hollaaa sisi WB its been a while dear n i really miss this place alot 🙂 so keep on updating


  6. pinkyia says:

    AD_Queen: thanx dear 😉

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