old commercials

I have memories with that pizza ;p

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4 Responses to old commercials

  1. MrmoOora says:


  2. Tomato says:

    Raj3tena 7g Ayam Awal ,, Ayam Al’3ou9 3la el.lo2lo2 ;p
    First Video : Ya 7a’6ha ely esmha dalal ( eb galb al.mowa6in )
    Second Video : Hatha Al.old man Lil7en 3ayish ? ( alla y6awel fe 3omra )
    Third Video :Shakilha Yummi :p Bs hatha zain ma 6a7 3la his face o ohwa yarki’6

  3. HappyWolf says:

    i liked the KFC family laugh !

  4. RONiii-07;* says:

    SHaaaaaaaaaa5555555555555BaaaaRiii AYaM aWaL GHBar GHBar GHBBbAar ;Pp ehehe

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