Random things…

Are we being attacked?
Everyone around here has been attacked by a vampire called mosquito. No one has been survived. You can ask anyone about this issue and he’ll tell you how many bites he got. It’s unbelievable that everyday I’m getting this thing and so on other people

Can I have an ice-cream, please?
Today while I was sitting in starbucks, a little girl holding 250 fils had come and asked for an ice-cream. *lol* since when starbucks sell ice-cream!

Starbucks have a short size
We’re so used to order the tall size at starbucks as if it was the smallest one because they only show the tall and the bigger sizes!

Your laptop has been infected
That message showed on my laptop for two weeks and now it’s gone! I mean it’s got cured by itself. Can this happen to a computer? To be cured after a while of his sickness? Weird

Dior’s abaya
The latest fashion, Dior are designing abaya’s with their signature *lol* imagine that!!
I’ve seen women wearing that thing. What are they thinking?

Low class
What do you do if you were standing in a line to pay something and someone came in front of you and paid his stuff without asking ?

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3 Responses to Random things…

  1. Happy Wolf says:

    It’s not only mosquitos’s . I swear to G i just sprayed my home with baygon… thing we have bedbug migration from the neigbours…
    Starbox Sucks!
    Whats next Givency Dishdasha ?
    If you were silent it’s your fault… i usually embarrass the jack ass if he overtakes the taboora…

    BTW nice to have you back blogging !!

  2. MrmoOora says:

    yah it very disturbing that tiny little thing cold mosquitos :s

    and the laptop story is so wierd but nothing impossible…!

    and about the abaya i saw it too it realy uncool…!

  3. pinkyia says:

    Happy Wolf:omg mosquitos are much better than bedbugs :S
    why not givency dishdasha? we’ll c it

    Mrmo0ora: ya i saw u once wearing it.
    just kiddin ;p

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