Scientific center

I’ve just returned from the scientific center. There’s nothing new to see, same animals and things. We entered the IMAX, I wonder why they didn’t put an English translation? .Because most of the visitors are foreign people.
In the aquarium, I got my camera and took some pictures. I looked like a freak. But, who care. After that, we had a double chocolate at Costa coffee, since there wasn’t another coffee shop except it. Finally, we got into the gift shop and I found that hot guy. I couldn’t resist his handsomeness .So; I took a photo of him after his acceptance.


finding Nemo

it looks so poor*lol*


@ Costa

that’s him 😉

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4 Responses to Scientific center

  1. Hello Kitty says:

    waay eyannin hal cute baby 7adaaaaa ewannis weddi agrir9 his khdod :p

    o THNxx 3la hl pics el.7ilwa o el/post el,a7la 😉

    waiting for the next

  2. MrmoOora says:

    oh my god he looks like a little angel . he is sooooooooo cute he looks like he came from future hehehe

  3. pinkyia says:

    Hello Kitty: u r welcome. grr9t his ckeeks lol

    Mrmo0ora: as i c it, 6oma6a’s story has an impact on u till now about the future ;p

  4. Happy Wolf says:

    Handsome Guy ! Right choice if you are 2 ! lol !

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