The Avenues mall

I was so busy for the last two weeks. Didn’t have time for shopping, so I think I’m the last one who goes to the Avenues mall. I went their today’s morning till the afternoon though a lot of shops are opening soon. It’s a shopping paradise, isn’t it? I don’t think I will go to marina mall anymore. It has nothing comparing to the avenues mall. I wonder why people say that the mall has nothing new except a few unknown brands, because most of them I know them but they weren’t in Kuwait. I used to shop outside Kuwait but now there’s no need to bring these clothes from there. As I see it, if you are going to The Avenues, you should wear a sneaker or flats. Or else you’ll get painful feet.

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4 Responses to The Avenues mall

  1. MrmoOora says:

    no u r not the last one who goes there , i am 🙂 because i couldnt go there but i hear every one talking about it and they saying that it huuuuuuge and until now they didn’t open all of it yet infact they opend just quarter of it , and that is sooooooo great 😀

  2. Happy Wolf says:

    i hate to admitt …Avenues is big in size … But Marina Will be Marina .. you can’t take away the sea side of Marina … Avenues had everthing … but not the sea !
    Marina 1 Avenues 0

  3. pinkyia says:

    MrmoOora : I loved it 😀

    Happy Wolf: marina cressent will stay itself cuz it has a wonderful view, but what I meant was shopping there

  4. RONiii-07;* says:

    KAak 7adiich Ur LaTe ;D bas MO KEThriie ;\ ana Lamma 36aLT re7t HNaK Ta5aYiiLaY ,, 12-6-07 ;P re7t HNAK :D! duh

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