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It’s all about chemistry

Today I found some silver jewels that I used to wear it long time ago. Their colors have been changed to a brassy color. So, I used a little chemistry to reduce their original shine. First you need a bowl … Continue reading

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Random things…

Are we being attacked? Everyone around here has been attacked by a vampire called mosquito. No one has been survived. You can ask anyone about this issue and he’ll tell you how many bites he got. It’s unbelievable that everyday … Continue reading

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Scientific center

I’ve just returned from the scientific center. There’s nothing new to see, same animals and things. We entered the IMAX, I wonder why they didn’t put an English translation? .Because most of the visitors are foreign people. In the aquarium, … Continue reading

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The Avenues mall

I was so busy for the last two weeks. Didn’t have time for shopping, so I think I’m the last one who goes to the Avenues mall. I went their today’s morning till the afternoon though a lot of shops … Continue reading

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