What’s better than sitting inside your bed at the midnight and watching your favorite episodes? I completed season one and two of lost and now I have season three to watch*yepee*. My sister used to have the heaviest laptop on earth and she doesn’t use it anymore. So, we switched it into a DVD player. Smart huh?:P because it has a large screen and it plays the episodes pretty well without stopping.

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6 Responses to Lost

  1. enory says:

    such a pretty website! 😀 oooh I’ve just started watching Lost too on MBC the other day lol

  2. kate says:

    what i like it in lost is some girl there her name is like my name ;p

  3. Happy Wolf says:

    I found 10 seasons of Friends for Just 10K and i had a the most wonderfull time of my life…. I mean, i know how it feels to watch back to back episodes in a day !

  4. pinkyia says:

    enory: thanks and welcome on 🙂

    kate: i see ;p

    Casttro: thankx

    Happy Wolf: i’ve got FRIENDS season 10 before 3 years ;p

  5. Happy Wolf says:

    Check my blog please

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