46th national day and liberation day

Yesterday I returned from Bahrain. The first day looked like this:
Friday, 23rd of feb.07
5:15 we woke up
5:44 we moved our car
5:49 stopped to be gathered
6:04 all of our cars were moving
7:30 out of the ambit
8:30 had a breakfast
Listening to popo, my ipod and reading “the princess diaries”
Magazine, magazine and more magazines to waste the time
ready to go 🙂

10:55 on KSA ambit
11:14 going out of the ambit
a guy working there gave us this advertisements mag. on the ambit. its contest was so funny. everything was magical and powerful.

11:20 we entered Bahrain
on the road

11:42 we’ve just passed next to sheikh Jaber Al-subah street =)
11:53 arriving to out destination
1:30 had a lunch @ Al-Bander restaurant

Bahrain’s gate

no comment ;p

I can’t say anything except loool

Even we were in Bahrain, the Kuwaiti people who were there were celebrating the national day and the liberation day. We could see their cars decorated with flags of Kuwait and most of them were wearing flags and pins which showed that they’re so happy and so proud of our country that going abroad didn’t stop them to celebrate which is kind of cool. But if we saw some foreign people celebrating their national day in our country that would be so weird, wouldn’t it? However, I didn’t see Bahraini citizens there as I saw Kuwaiti people! The weather was great. Not too cold and not too hot.

just craving a cornflakes 😉

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10 Responses to 46th national day and liberation day

  1. Happy Wolf says:

    Nice Pictures…I hope you had a nice holiday !

  2. AD_Queen says:

    wo0o0w cool hope u enjoyed ur time 🙂


  3. kate says:

    Cool 😉

    I like the magic things :p

    and the pics is so funny 😀

    I luv U Bahrain

  4. pinkyia says:

    Happy Wolf: thank u. actually we had a nice trip

    AD_Queen: thanks

    Kate: i know. they’re so funny ;p

  5. kate says:

    How do you they are funny be4 i tell u ???

  6. Casttro says:

    🙂 CooL

    Keep Up the good works

  7. Blackpearlz says:

    I love road trips..hope that u had fun.
    Those signs are so funny!

  8. pinkyia says:

    kate: i didn’t get you

    Casttro: thanx 😀

    Blackpearlz :thanks. it was so much fun 😉

  9. pinkyia says:

    mcfly_girl: thanx

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