The first day

Hi all you bloggers. I’ve just found my diary which I’ve took with me to Iran I thought that I left it on the plane. Omg, my heart felt down but thanks god I found it now.
Since I mentioned before that there were 19 persons with me and the plane was so small. It looked like our plane;D and the people who were with me are in different ages. So, one of them was a little girl who didn’t travel a lot. I mean she traveled but in a very small age that she don’t remember anything. She asked her mother about the vomiting bag which is in front of every chair and her mother told her that some people get sick on the plane so, they can use this bag. After a while she was asking in innocence: “when we will vomit?” *lol*. She thought that we have to do it but she was wondering about the time of it. Also, that plane was the noisiest plane I’ve ever ridden. There were babies who didn’t stop shaking their noisiest and cheapest (gergasha) which is kind of babies toys that used to make the baby stop crying. And the flies were traveling with us :S. In my entire life I didn’t see flies on planes but this time I’ve seen. When they brought the lunch trolley they were adducing orange fanta as a drink only and they didn’t have to ask the passengers about what they’d like to drink. No choices*lol* and that made us wondering why did they choose this drink specially?!
Also, we were expecting snow in Iran so, we wore heavy clothes, scarves and gloves from Kuwait air-port to Mashhad and when we arrived there we were dying from the high temperature because they were opening the heater. We were assuring each other that the weather outside would be colder. But it wasn’t .anyways the weather got colder the next day after a day full of complaining of the warm weather that we didn’t bring with us appropriate clothes and had only the heaviest clothes.

without sugar ;p

their revolution day

*Yesterday, I went to the dream girls movie. It wasn’t bad , but I don’t recommend it for guys. It’s kind of girly movie.

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16 Responses to The first day

  1. ZiZoTiMe says:

    Loool i went to Iran at the same time but last year when i did my lasec surgery and it was it was in the revolution day.. I just mentioned it in my previous post lol..

    Last time we went they said no snow at this time.. Maybe next month 😉

  2. pinkyia says:

    ZiZoTiMe: ..some of us went 2 Iran for the snow only so,they were sad cuz there wasn’t snow.bad luck lol

  3. BloBoz says:

    LOL Tawny adrey ennah el cola feeh Gand LMAO

  4. BloBoz says:

    Loved your new theme =)

  5. Missy says:

    babies on the plane? GRRR! I hate it! :S

  6. AD_Queen says:

    hello sis u’ve been missed 🙂 nice new layout ….keep it up


  7. eshda3wa says:

    i hate tiny planes, they scare me, and crying babies on tiny planes! thats a nightmare!

  8. NooNy says:

    hi girl , how r you

    i like your place

    keep it up

  9. pinkyia says:

    Bloboz: only in Iran 😉

    Missy: yes.=S i hate it more

    Ad_Queen: thanx 🙂

    eshda3wa: it must be a nightmare. lol

    NooNy: i’m pretty good. thank for asking 🙂

  10. DxBroSe says:

    LOOOOL @ the coke pic!! Priceless!

  11. pinkyia says:

    happy wolf: thanx

    DxBroSe: thanx for passing by my blog

  12. MrmoOora says:

    oh my god it look like u have a realy bad time
    and i realy want to see that movie 😀

  13. pinkyia says:

    mrmooora: the bad time was only in the plane 😉 other things were so funny

  14. mcfly_girl says:


  15. pinkyia says:

    mcfly_girl: I didn’t take the picture for the scene o_0 obviously it’s for what was happening back then.

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