Back to Kuwait

Imagine that:
Ten days in Iran without laptop, there wasn’t a computer so, I didn’t find anything to recharge my ipod. Also, my mobile didn’t work at all. That means there wasn’t any COMUNICATION. But, we had a lot of fun. Nineteen persons with you and you know them well. It looked like a camp. I’ll miss those days. It really was an adventure for me.

the battery was empty. please,don’t die!


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8 Responses to Back to Kuwait

  1. pinkyia says:

    Mitsuki: thanx 🙂

  2. TorturedLady says:

    Welcome back dear ..
    Kuwait is a nice place , i love it so much =)

  3. pinkyia says:

    torturedlady: thanks. welcome on my blog =)

  4. السعلوه says:

    el-7imdella 3la el-slama 🙂

  5. pinkyia says:

    السعلوه: alla ysalmich 😉

  6. pinkyia says:

    Zoba_zoz*Om_3zoz^_* : thanx 🙂

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