Sunglasses +sun block —check
Umbrella —check
Fiction —check
My digital cam. —check
Cell phone —check
Ipod —check
Elle mag. —check
Note book —check
Pinkyia —check
yesterday I had a problem with the internet. So, I had to return to the old days and connect by internet cards. I’m gonna leave tomorrow for a while.
I’ll try to update as soon as possible. Chaw
pigeon sign

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6 Responses to Leaving

  1. Happy Wolf says:

    Thats strange ” feed a pegion and lose a finger ” Why is that ? Are pegions dangerous ?

  2. pinkyia says:

    Happy Wolf: yeah. they’re dangerous cuz they might bite ur fingers.

  3. AD_Queen says:

    honey good luck inshalla and plz tack care


  4. pinkyia says:

    AD_Queen: thanx alot.

  5. AD_Queen says:

    missing u alot hon 😦

  6. domo3el7zn says:

    the pictures is really funny and strange…


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