IKEA shopping

When it comes to me to shop at IKEA and my mood is pink! What happens?
Well, I’ll let the picture which I’ve got it today talks itself ..

IKEA Shopping

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11 Responses to IKEA shopping

  1. BeKoMiTaa says:

    HELLo 😛 aLLa Y3eeNiich .. i HATe iLPiNK 😛 ehehe W enJOY ur HOLiday

  2. pinkyia says:

    BeKoMiTaa: how could u?:p i’m addicted to pink .
    enjoy ur holiday too

  3. Nouri says:

    cool stuff girls im kinda supporting pink

  4. Mitsuki says:

    Nice stuff ..:)
    I love IKEA!

  5. Happy Wolf says:

    New Ikea ? How did you get out of that place? I had been there for some official work and had miserable time getting out.. thanks to the unhelpful gaurds who finally let me out of the back entrance with a full body search…IKEA %&^%%#%

  6. Kate says:

    wonderful …
    i like this kind of colors 😀
    to the best pinkyia

  7. pinkyia says:

    Nouri: that’s cool!
    Mitsuki: thanxx
    Happy Wolf: yeah it is new Ikea. did you stay there till they’ve to close?:D
    Kate: thank u 🙂

  8. Missy says:

    I love IKEA eheh 🙂

  9. i can’t go to ikea without buying a thing … their shop design MAKES you buy stuff

  10. pinkyia says:

    Missy: me too ;p
    Deera Chat Family: yes,it does

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