Shopping vs Shopping

This is my first day in my vacation. But it was really a day full of doing things. I woke up early as usual and went shopping for six hours without stopping and ate my lunch in Fridays. I think that I covered the most shops here in Q8 today.
Well, yesterday I noticed so many freaky or weird things. Maybe it’s just coincidences! First coincidence was during the examination. I saw all the gurlzz who were in the same hall had put a red nail polish. I tried to explain that but I didn’t get to a reason! It wasn’t Valentines Day or anything else. The second thing was the woman who stopped her car next to mine, looking at me and then ran fast with her car!! weirdoOo.
If anybody is thinking to make a party especially “Halaga Party” he can celebrate with a lot of people in Marina mall. There are a lot of people wearing mismatched clothes with kilos of make up everyday who are trying to be like a clown. I think they like the clowns and cirques a lot. That they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror just to be like a clown! Also, if you want to travel and it isn’t the time for traveling, you can drive your car to a very far away in your country. Like if you are in east ,you can go to west. And north to south. It really works. But sure it won’t be your dreamin travel destination.

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2 Responses to Shopping vs Shopping

  1. Nouri says:

    yeah girl i agree wit you about thos kind of gilrs who wear makeup as clowns in the MORNING damn is discusting

  2. Sweetd says:

    totally agree marina mall fee wayed of those type of people

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