”Back to life again”..that wut I’m callin my situation after hundreds of paperzz, tons of books and not havin time to do anything last month. Finally I’ll have nothing to do except havin fun. Then I’ll pack ma stuff to spend the rest of the holiday on other planet.
Brief of today: I’ve just finished my exams. So, it was a big shock for my body that used to bend hourz in front of the desk to relax on the couch and watching four episodes of ”lost” and having nothing to do. I realized that no one really can enjoy his vacation unless he was bereft of the leisure time.

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5 Responses to Finally

  1. AD_Queen says:

    hello there sweety ….lovley place u’ve got keep it up o inshalla u’ll get GREAT marks in ur exams 😀


  2. Nouri says:

    hey girl nice place hope that keep on bloging 🙂

  3. pinkyia says:

    AD_Queen: thanx. u too:)
    Nouri: thank u. i’ll try to keep on bloggin:D

  4. MrmoOora says:

    Hi, what a wonderful site, keep it up and do not stop

  5. pinkyia says:

    MrmoOora: thank u 😉

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