Back, I guess!

Missed my blog.. Everything seems different in here.. New Dashboard & so many options! Over 2 years with no posts.. hmm that explains! Gotta admit that Twitter is an absolute addiction to many of us, don’t u agree? Our fingers press the button ” Refresh” Automatically lol. Now, I just wish that I’ve posted what happened in the past 2 or three years. Too many events, Fun, Games, ups & downs, trips, etc. .. Well, It’s never too late =)

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Turkey Trip

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Turkey Trip, originally uploaded by pinkyia™.

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starting a photo journal

 hey all, missed my blog as usual.. so, i’m thinking of posting a daily picture instead of blabbering. even if it is a silly pic, it won’t matter as long as this is my personal journal =)

p.s : my old & new photos will be in my Flickr account

lemme start by posting some pics starting  from 31 july till a few days ago.. randomly of course n_n

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What makes me happy..

inspired by B.Oz post

* a loving family

* traveling & exploring the globe

* beautiful nature

* shooting photos & editing them

* communicating with my friends & family through many ways

* sweets, especially chocolates!

* biking, riding a horse & any amusement activity

* cold weather

* fireworks

* music

* nice compliments

* helping people

* & the list goes on…


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Roro is Back

On 15th of February 2008, I wrote my last post. It is really a long period of time. I lost my enthusiasm in writing due to my studies, but now I think it is a good time to start over. I enjoy writing what is in my mind. It feels that your mind is fresh and clear. A year has just passed with nothing in my blog, but I achieved lots of thing; First, my graduation from high school and entering the college. It was a big step in my life, and thanks god I am satisfied with my choice. I made lots of things and it does not matter now. Future is what we should always look for.; A brilliant future that comes with our right decisions. I used to observe things around me, such as looking at how people behave and think. I did that and I am doing it till now, while analyzing their attitude to absorb what is the best for me. Creating your own personality is important and fun at the same time. I realized many things and many ways on how to deal with people, how to control oneself and when to put a limit. Also, when I see and talk to a person for the first time, I can know from which category he or she belongs to; then, how to deal and talk with them. At the end, all what I can say is that Life Is a Journal =)

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Just Graduated!

Wohooooooooooooooo yepeeeeeeeeeeee. I’ve just graduated from high school. I wanted to scream out loud, but none of my friends helped. Lol. Whatever, I’m still not believing the fact that I’m gonna be at a university next semester. Not because I don’t have a high GPA but because I still feel so young. You know, some of my friends told their parents that they wanted cars while I was telling my dad to buy me a swing! U.mmmm I think I’m being crazy in my last semester in junior high school. Who cares.. wohoooooooooooooooooo 2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I feel I want to screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo but not gooooooooooooooooooogle. Lol! This post is crazy. Loooool I lost my mind but still happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! =)

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*I’ve just come from” becoming Jane” the movie. It talks about the story life of an author “Jane Austen”, I liked it. It’s that kind of movies that inspires me. By the end of the movie, all what I wanted was a paper and a pen. Although, I had no idea on what I was going to write about!


* No one deny that Inspiration leads to creativity. But, you really should know what inspires you!


* I completely believe that by believing in yourself, you can reach your dreams and goals. That means that the word “difficulties” should be erased in your mind.


*”The expected is what we live for. The unexpected is what changes our lives.” I admired that quote, but the days are showing me that it’s totally true.


The Goddess Guide

P.S: if you’re wondering what’s the relation between the words and the pictures. Well, I have no idea! Lol. Just felt like posting my pictures

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